Monday, April 13, 2009

1950s TV Dinners and Peas & Carrots!

TV Dinners in three sizes: LARGE, Medium and small.

1950s TV Dinner: Chicken and buttered mashed potatoes ( topped with gravy )
and peas on the side!!! SO YUMMY!!!

Carrots and Peas pretty please!


Cec said...

WOW MER! This is SO COOL! Hey Hey! I have a WONDERFUL idea! Oh Stace is going to LOVE this! You know what you should do?! MOVE TO JAPAN! and then get a job making the food displays that they have in all of the restaurant windows! Then we can go visit you! =)

The Sprinkle Lady said...

I have a better idea! Move to France and make all the pastry displays in all the pastry shops! Then we can visit you in France!

The Sprinkle Lady said...

Why is my name The Sprinkle Lady... I'm confused. I guess I did that myself tho...?

usagi kisses said...

so SO yummy!

who would have thought tv dinners could be so cute! :D

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